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Water Problems and Solutions

Recommended Tests For Private Wells


A basic indicator, or potability test, is recommended once a year and after any repair or replacement of your well, pump or water pipes. If five years of results show no problems, testing can be done once every five years. This test is required for all new wells and gives a general indication of water quality, as well as clues that additional tests might be necessary.


Lead testing is highly recommended if you are planning a pregnancy or have children under 6 years old, as young children are more susceptible to harmful effects from lead exposure. Corrosive water should be tested for lead every 3-5 years. Lead pipes may be in homes built before 1930. Lead based solder might be in homes built before 1988. Brass is used in all new plumbing and fixtures – all brass contains small amounts of lead.


Arsenic, uranium and radon testing should be done one time, ideally repeated every 5 years. These chemicals naturally occur in some groundwater in Connecticut – private wells with high levels have been found, and levels can fluctuate over time.

Testing for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) like gasoline, oil, solvents or industrial chemicals leftover from spills or leaks can contaminate your water.


Flouride can occur naturally in a well, which you might think is a good thing – however, your child’s dentist may likely ask you about the fluoride level in your well water, because too little can increase risk of tooth decay and too much can permanently discolor a child’s teeth. Whenever a child under 12 is present, fluoride testing should be done every five years.

Call us to ask about our water quality issue and testing recommendations at 203-758-4642 if you have these or other problems:

  • Low pH
  • Limescale buildup
  • Blue or reddish stains on plumbing, fixtures or laundry
  • Rust-colored, foul-odor water
  • Yellow or black stains on plumbing fixtures
  • Cloudy, turbid, muddy water
  • Chemical, fuel or fruity odor
  • High nitrates
  • Recurrent gastrointestinal illness
  • Sitter, metallic, salty, brackish taste
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